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Corporate Entertainment Regina Dj Service

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Corporate Entertainment Regina Dj Service


171 Markwell Dr
regina SK S4X 1K5


(306) 220-6588

Corporate Entertainment Regina Offers Entertainment for Corporate Events, Weddings, School Events, Fairs, and Festivals in Regina

Corporate Entertainment Regina is a seasoned event company boasting 20+ years of experience, specializing in the many facets of event production. We create custom-made events that allow you to interact with your guests in an unforgettable way that will be sure to excite them with energy and excitement. We draw on the finest, local, professional talent to ensure that your event is delivered with the ultimate professionalism. We take great pride helping you make your event memorable.


About regina

Regina (Latin for "queen") may refer to: == Places == === Argentina === Villa Regina, Río Negro, a city === Canada === Regina, Saskatchewan, the capital city of the province Regina (electoral district) Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Regina === France === Régina, French Guiana, a commune === United States === Regina, Minneapolis, Minnesota, a neighborhood Regina, Missouri, an unincorporated community Regina, New Mexico, a census-designated place Regina, Virginia, an unincorporated community Regina, Wisconsin, an unincorporated community == Persons == Regina (name) Regina (concubine), 8th century French concubine of Charlemagne Regina (martyr), 3rd century French martyr Regina (American singer), American singer Regina (Slovenian singer) (born 1965), Slovenian singer Regina King, (born 1971), American actress and director Regina "Queen" Saraiva (born 1968), Eurodance singer with stage name of Regina == Arts, entertainment, and media == === Groups === Regina (Bosnia and Herzegovina band), a Bosnian rock band Regina (Finnish band).

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